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   Would you like to get all your work done in one big swoop but afraid you can't manage the funds right now?  No problem!    We are family owned and we understand what it's like.             Things just always seem to pop up,.. but you're tired of looking at that dreadful deck.
                                            "That's when you give us a call!!!"

          We can work with most any budget and offer a wonderful plan to help you get your    Outdoor Wooden Fixtures looking beautiful and well protected from the elements. 

How it works 
 1. You call for your Free Estimate.
 2. We get you your bid with the total price for work needing done, and your color swatches.
 3. You call and confirm the price and simply say "I would like to be set up for the  "budget package" please."
 4. You pay 35% deposit due on the day we start your work. 
 6. You sign our contract, which will divide the remainder balance into easy monthly payments that work for you. Mail in your payment or just make them online on or before your due date. (Due date will be the date when the work was completed, unless specified)

           We want you to be able to afford and enjoy. We work with you to insure that every customer is 100% satisfied and happy they chose Renew Deck and Fence.
Jobs over the sum amount of $750 require a deposit before work begins. This comes out of your total bill lowering your monthly payments even more. $350 dollar minimum total for budget package. Penalties for late payments after 5 days. If you are going to be late on a payment please call. 
Give us a call 
Payment Center
                         Renew Deck and Fence makes the whole process.....Hassle Free!

       For your convenience you can pay your bill online. Just click on the link below and fill out your information. Get your work done and pay your bill without having to worry about schedules, checks, cash or being home for the crew.  

      After you have paid you can simply print your receipt or save it onto your computer. Just click on the "PAY NOW" button below to get started.
Re-new Deck and Fence
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